Building Services:

MEYERS Properties – Building Services offers its clients years of knockdown/rebuild and large scale addition and renovation experience working within South Florida. Our ability to offer our clients’ quality construction and competitive pricing transcends from our attention to detail and our long lasting relationships with subcontracting firms who represent the finest in our area.

Our clients have a choice of how they can hire MEYERS Properties – Building Services. They can hire us as a “Traditional” General Contractor in which MEYERS’ provides a Competitive Estimate and Specifications of Project, All Labor and Material required for the project – for a “Total Lump Sum Cost” for the Entire Project.


Our clients can choose to hire MEYERS Properties – Building ServicesĀ as a “Construction Manager”. In which MEYERS Properties – Building Services provides services for a “Negotiated Fee”. One of the benefits of choosing this option is the reduced cost to the Owner. This option must be selected prior to estimating the project.

  • First, a preliminary understanding of costs associated with a project to see if the project falls within the Client’s budget. This will allow our Client’s to gain a preliminary understanding of costs early on in the process.
  • Second, MEYERS Properties solicits and receives proposals for each activity involved in the project, then confirms that the proposals are accurate and inclusive of all items needed to complete that activity for the project.
  • Third, once the proposals are reviewed and conform to our Client’s budget, the Client then contracts with vendors.
  • Fourth, once the contracts are finalized and the project begins, MEYERS Properties supervises the project daily and regularly. During the project the client issues the checks directly to vendors, based upon a pre-approved schedule.

Investment Opportunities

MEYERS Properties actively seeks out financial partners to invest in real estate investment opportunities. To date, MEYERS Properties has been involved with home building and commercial development projects that serve as investment vehicles for its clients and partners.