Sellers Information

Preparing Your Home For Sale


Even the most beautifully decorated and maintained home needs a little tweaking before it is ready to be viewed by potential buyers – after all, most of us don’t live in a home that’s constantly “show ready.”  Often, only simple and inexpensive changes such as the following are necessary to place your home in a position to grab top dollar: Touch up the exterior, walls and trim with paint. De-clutter every area in your home, including closets and cabinets – buyers will look everywhere. Leave only one or two items on counter tops. Try to reduce the number of personal mementos in your home, such as family photographs and diplomas.  It is important that a buyer be able to envision his or her family living in this home. Make sure your house is clean for all showings. Keep your lawn trimmed and neatly landscaped

Learn the market value of your home

MEYERS Properties offers a free and easy evaluation of your home’s market value, without any obligation to list your home with us. Please contact us to learn more about our comprehensive Property Valuation service.

Your home is listed and marketed.

We offer a customized and efficient marketing plan for the sale of your home, which includes online marketing and unique color brochures that draw a buyer’s attention to your home’s best features.

Showings are scheduled for buyers to view your home.

We know that it can be inconvenient to have your home on the market, so our team will work with you to minimize any disruptions that showings may create in your daily schedule.  While we recommend that you permit showings during the widest time frame possible, MEYERS Properties will help you to create any necessary restrictions upon showings to help you feel more comfortable with this process.

After every showing, we will request feedback from the buyer’s agent.  You will have online access to the agent’s feedback, as it is extremely helpful to learn what individual buyers saw as positives or negatives about your home.

An offer is made to purchase your home.

Offers can come in many forms, but we always recommends that potential buyers present a written offer. By adhering to this formal process, it is likely that we will be able to weed out any casual or financially unsound buyers.

Once an offer is received, we will work closely with you to appropriately respond to the offer, whether it be with an acceptance, counter-offer or rejection.  During the negotiation process that follows any offer, our agents will represent your interests to the fullest.  That’s why it’s great that the agents at MEYERS Properties have extensive experience in negotiation – our clients have a great advantage from the time an offer is made until closing.

A contract is entered into for the sale of your home.

Once a contract is signed and you have agreed to sell your home to the buyer, the buyer will typically request an option period during which the home will be inspected for any hidden problems.  In the event that any issues are discovered, the buyer will generally either ask you to make the repairs before closing or to issue the buyer a credit at closing so that the buyer can repair the defects at a later time.  You are not required by contract to make repairs or issue a credit, and we will guide you through these negotiations.  After the option period has expired, the buyer is committed to purchasing the home according to the terms of the contract.

Closing on the sale of your home.

After all of the negotiations have been completed, it is time to officially sell your home through the closing process.  Most of the paperwork at closing is filled out by the buyer – typically, all that you will need to sign is a deed, which is the document conveying title of the property to the new owner.  Once the buyer has signed all of the necessary documents, you will either be issued a check with the proceeds or the funds will be wired into your bank account.  Sold!